Mambo brings communities together.




Mambo is an online customizable platform that facilitates real time interactions within a community. We allow users to personalize their experience while providing full control to administration.

What we’re solving for:

  • Sense of Belonging – Users may easily identify events and activities they care about, making friends more easily.
  • Scheduling – In a few clicks, users may register and add activities to their calendar.
  • Interdisciplinary – Users may identify events and activities across multiple genres.
  • Ease of use – The platform is accessible on all digital devices.

Benefits for the organizers:

  • Data – Centralized and cloud-based information on all activities, before/after they occur.
  • Admin-friendly – Admin console monitoring and approval by community representatives.
  • Cost-effective – Quick set-up with low monthly user fee.

Get in Touch!

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