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The Mambo Story

Mambo is a social engagement platform designed to make activities accessible and enhance social interaction within a community.

In a fast paced, high tech environment, people want to know what’s happening within their areas of interest and engage quickly. Mambo accelerates this decision making process, and takes advantage of popular communication apps. In short, Mambo puts the “social” in social media.

We named it after the latin dance because our website involves coordinated movements of leaders (event creators) and followers (participants). On Mambo, users follow areas of interest and lead events of their own. This give and take, or interdependence, is the magic within a strong community. Diversity is supported with activities based upon interests versus ethnicity, age or race. Last, newcomers, vulnerable from leaving family and friends behind, bring talents, interests, and enthusiasm to a new community. In our sharing economy, Mambo invites them to participate while making them feel welcome!

Among the top two reasons first year students drop out is the sense of social isolation.

Source: Fortune.com

Seniors with high levels of social activity have 43% less disability than those with low levels of social activity.

Source: Berkeley.edu

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